How to Explore Germany in a Few Days Time

Germany is recognized well for public consumption of beer, awe-striking castles, cheap yet delicious food, and engaging culture. It is a popular holiday destination and many travellers love to come on a solo trip here. No matter which country in the world you choose to discover, chances are you’ll be crunched for time and won’t be able to capture all the magnificence in one trip! That shouldn’t discourage you from exploring what you can. Here are the places in Germany that you can visit, even if you have only a few days to spare.



is a multicultural city that travellers find very interesting and worthy of visiting, each neighbourhood has its own vibe and the city is known for many wonderful castles.

Here are the things you shouldn’t miss in Berlin-

A visit to the Berlin wall

Find a museum to visit

Bask in the magnificence of Brandenburg Gate


Grab a giant pretzel here in Munich and discover this Bavarian capital. The city boasts of its beer culture and the famous Oktober fest.

Here is where you should see when in Munich-

Find the world-famous beer museum

Head to Neuschwanstein and Linderhof Castle

Take a walk around the old main bridge


It may be considered an expensive city to live in but the city offers sights that are worth spending every penny.

Here are the things you should discover in Frankfurt-

Visit the love lock bridge

Sip on a warm cup of coffee at the opera house

Discover the city on foot

These are the top cities in Germany that you can make a quick visit to. It is always best to make reservations at hotels prior to your trip as it will help you to cut back on your expenses. It is easy to find meals at local spots and Germany is known for its hearty spread of meals wherein, the cities in Germany are well connected by public transport so you can rely on them for your commute.