Travel myths that you shouldn’t believe

There is a lot of misinformation about traveling that people generally believe. Most of these myths are a result of someone’s bad experience which was generalised and some of them are believed only because these are heard often.

Here are some of the common travelling myths that you shouldn’t believe and the actual facts you need to know:

Only rich people can travel

This is a common myth since people are concerned about the expenditure and may think that one trip can break their banks. If you save up and are willing to compromise with luxury, you can explore many places in the world.

Always book International flights months in advance

It is good to be prepared and you may have been told to make bookings in advance due to visa and availability of flights but there is no significant difference in the price of tickets, even if you book 6 months in advance.

You are likely to get sick on an airplane

This is believed as people think that contaminated air flows through the airplanes for hours but this isn’t true. Aircraft have a filtration system that only gives out filtered air, free of any germs.

Traveling by train is the best option

People often think that airplane tickets are expensive and to save money, it is best to travel via railways but the fact is that there are many budget airlines that offer tickets at an affordable rate and you can even find them at discounted rates on many websites.

Always shop from duty-free stores

You may think that it will save you money but this is not the case with all the items. You can buy souvenirs at cheaper rates but not everything.

Here are some common myths that most people believe. Which one did you believe till now?