Why taking a vacation is important

We all deserve a break once in a while. Remember the summer trips we took with our families and that became the highlight of our childhood? There is so much we take away from these breaks and they definitely need to be prioritised.

The millennial hustle culture is all about working hard, never stopping and spending minimum time away. This may look like just the recipe for success but it is actually detrimental to your mental health. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to take a vacation, in fact, taking some time off is recommended and can even increase your productivity.

Here are some reasons that will convince you to take a vacation at least once a year.

  • It gives your mind a break from stressing out about work. Being stressed all the time hampers creativity and even problem solving skills.
  • Taking a vacation can reduce the chances of your death by 21 percent, as per a study. People who spend most of their time working are at high risk of developing poor health.
  • It changes your persepective about things. You are mentally away from your old place and schedule. This allows you to flourish in a new environment.
  • It is a great way to show your family that you care. Spend some quality time away from your phone and laptop. Make fond memories that your loved ones will cherish for life.
  • Taking rest can even spark your interest in learning again. If you feel you have been slacking off, maybe you don’t need to work harder but lesser.
  • You give everyone around you some space. Doing that can improve your relationship and you get a chance to connect with yourself.

These are some reasons why you need to take that trip you have been planning for long! It does not have to be a long trip, you can definitely plan a weekend getaway or take only a few days off.

So, where will you be off to?