Taj Mahal to reopen from 21st September for visitors

It was for the first time after World War II and the Indo-Pak battle in 1965 and 1971 that the Taj Mahal was closed to the public for a protracted period of time. The western doors of the monument were also closed during the Yamuna floods of 1978.

After the moments reopen, visitors will have to follow a set of rules as given by the Agra administration to keep everyone safe from coronavirus: 

  • Only 5000 visitors will be allowed per day in the Taj Mahal, 2500 before lunch, and 2500 after lunch. However, the Agra Fort will permit entry to 1300 persons in the morning and 1200 in the evening.
  • All the licensed photographers will not be allowed at the same time after reopening. They will be allocated a time slot for entry. 
  • Tickets will be sold online or through phone apps. Physical tickets will not be given. 
  • The monuments will remain shut to the public on fixed days of the week. While the Taj Mahal will remain closed on Friday and Sunday, Agra Fort will remain shut on Sunday.
  • There will be thermal screening at the entry gate. Sanitization of hands is important and maintaining physical distance as well. 
  • The monuments will be sanitized on a timely basis to avoid the spread of COVID-19 as per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Culture.