Mutton dishes to relish in winters

Winter is the perfect season to enjoy warm meat dishes. A rich meat curry and soft kebabs are something that all the non-vegetarians enjoy. Meat dishes are not only delicious but will keep you warm and cozy throughout the season. Tender, flavorful, delicious and sensational! These are the words for meat dishes. Check out the list of mutton dishes that all of you can relish in winters:

•    Galouti Kebabs

These tender and juicy kebabs are loved by everyone. They were first made for the nawab of Lucknow and through the years they have traveled around the world. They are melt in mouth kebabs and are made of finely minced mutton and shallow fried in ghee. They taste best with mint chutney and onions.

•    Gushtaba

This dish is the king of Kashmiri cuisine and is the best winter food in India. It is a dish made of minced mutton balls cooked in royal spices and curd. Gushtaba is a rich and heavy dish.

•    Laal Mass

Rajasthani Laal mass is a famous dish in India it is loaded with red chilies. Mutton is cooked in mustard oil and is flavored with local kachri spice. It is a very spicy dish with the goodness of meat.

•    Keema

One more popular mutton dish is minced mutton cooked in Dhaba style with tomatoes, onions, and masalas. This flavorful dish is served with pav or parantha, you can have it with rice as well.

•    Rogan josh

This one is a signature Kashmiri curry, the meat is cooked with onions, spices, and yogurt. The use of red chilies adds to the color of the dish. It is a delicious dish.

•    Kosha Mangsho

It is a traditional Bengali mutton curry, Kosha Mangsho is a spicy dish with mutton pieces and rich spices. It is perfect for a dinner meal.