Cute dishes that you can cook for your partner

Valentine’s Day is here and if you and your partner are food lovers, then we have something for you. Food is the language of love, you can express your care and love to someone by cooking for them. And what is a better day to do that instead of Valentine’s day.if you are a kind of person who loves house dates, then here are some cute and romantic dishes for you to cook on Valentine’s Day. 

  •  Heart-shaped pizza 

Who doesn’t love pizza and cheese? So make a delicious, cheesy pizza in a heart shape for your loved one. 

  • Garlic lemon chicken 

Tender chicken, with the flavor of garlic and lemon is a perfect dish to serve on V-day. 

  • Spaghetti 

Impress your partner with spaghetti pasta full of cheese, cream, and vegetables. 

  • Loaded veggie nachos 

Up your nacho game with this loaded nacho dish. Crunchy nachos full of cheese, veggies, mayonnaise and love.  

  • Breakfast love 

Be your bae’s favorite with a twist in classic breakfast. Cook egg in a bread, just just the bread in heart shape. Add some sausages to the table as well. 

  • Chicken steak with roasted vegetables 

Steak is one of the best options for a fancy meal. Level up your night with this dish. 

  • Tacos

Make it a mexcian night with delicious tacos.Add fun toppings like sliced radishes, diced pineapples, pickled jalapeños, and shredded cabbage.